Our Story

Jeep Transport is a family-owned business that got its start when two brothers teamed up in 2007 and started their trucking journey with one truck. Years later with consistent and hard work, we became a trusted and respected transportation company with a fleet of over 170 trucks and more than 210 trailers. Using the skills and knowledge of our employees we always strive to provide top-quality service for our customers and ensure that all our drivers.

Vision & Mission

We are driven to be the safest and most dependable transportation company in the United States. We are committed to supporting our customers and drivers with the highest quality of service.  

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our customers while placing the highest emphasis on safety, reliability, teamwork, and excellence in all that we do. We strive to help  every company move their freight safely and efficiently. Simultaneously we aim to help every driver achieve success in the trucking industry. 


Safety, Reliability, Teamwork, and Excellence define our company’s culture.



Safety comes first in everything we do. That is why we constantly search for new ways to improve the safety of our operations.



We believe consistency is key to building trust with our customers. We are continuously looking for areas to perfect as we want to ensure that the services we provide are excellent.



Team effort creates success, that’s why here we respect, support, and take care of one another. Together, we achieve much more.



We strive for continuous improvement. We aim to provide our clients with top quality service and innovative decisions tailored to their business needs.